Event Curators


Curators shall possess keys to open and close the gallery as needed in preparation and follow-up for events.

Curators shall arrive early as needed to assess the climate (AC/HEAT)to prepare the space. This includes Cleaning & Arranging the room as needed.

If significant changes are made to room set-up, curators will be responsible for re-setting the room after the (event or rehearsal) to its original set-up. This must be done immediately after the event, or no later than next day to finish cleaning and re-set of the gallery.


  1. Curators must be responsible for gathering together good photos, images and Information to be submitted and used for the EVA official Facebook posts, Mail-List and Web use to promote the event no later than two weeks prior to the event. Early submissions are highly welcomed!

  1. Curators may design the event invitations, promotions, and social media posts, submit and share to all other curators and admins for further distribution within our personal networks.

HOSPITALITY: Provide Water (at least) & Ice

Food or snacks may be provided or not as appropriate to the event.

CLEAN-UP: Take out all trash bags, replace with new. Empty ice into the plant in front. Return coolers to the storage. Check Bathroom for trash.


FOLLOWUP : Thanks and return of any key loaned, gallery returned to its original set-up. AC/Heat checked. Lights off.