Emily Hay and Hay Fever

Emily Hay plays C flute, alto flute, bass flute and piccolo combined with

electronics and unusual vocalizations. She specializes in avant garde,

experimental, jazz and improvisational music. Hay has performed, toured

and recorded throughout North America and Europe with ensembles such

as Hay Fever, Mooncake, U Totem, The 5 UU’s, The Motor Totemist Guild,

Adam Rudolph’s Go: Organic Orchestra, Polarity Taskmasters, The Rich

West Ensemble, Otherparts, The Jeff Kaiser Okodektet, Rent Romus’

Mandala Ensemble and many others. Hay is a featured recording artist on

various release on Cuneiform Records, ReR Records, Dragnet Records,

Nine Winds Records, Public Eyesore, pfMentum and other labels. Notable

reviews of her work can be found on All About Jazz, Touching Extreme ,

Prog Archives and BabySue, amongst others.

Steuart Liebig is an American bassist and composer of modern creative

jazz and the free improvisational music. He plays 6-string bass guitars. At

an early age he performed and recorded with Les McCann,, studied

classical double bass at California State University, later creating the fusion

band, BLOC, with guitarist Nels Cline. He also played with Julius Hemphill's

JAH-Band along with Alex Cline and Bill Frisell. Liebig has collaborated,

performed and recorded with pother notable musicians, including

percussionist Gregg Bendian, bassist Mark Dresser, violinist Jeff Gauthier,

multi-instrumentalist Vinny Golia and others. In 2005, Liebig was named a

bassist deserving wider recognition in the  DownBeat  poll, and in 2008 he

was nominated for the Alpert Awards in the Arts.

Wayne Peet is an American jazz pianist & organist, active chiefly on

the West Coast jazz scene. Peet was a founding member with John

Rapson of the Frobisher Hall Art Ensemble, has performed and recorded

with notable musicians Alex Cline,  Nels Cline , Vinny Golia, and Steuart

Liebig  and is a highly skilled audio recording engineer in Los Angeles.

Peet has composed extensively for film and television, and also does

production and engineering for Nine Winds, pfMentum, Blue Note, Enja,

Atavistic, Little Brother, SST and other labels. He wrote arrangements

for Brian Setzer from 1992–94, played with Bobby Bradford in 2000 and

engineered the first Leviathan Brothers EP in 2005.

Michael Vatcher is an American drummer and percussionist, recently

relocated to NYC after living and working as a musician in the Netherlands

for many years. He has performed and recorded for decades with

saxophonist Michael Moore and musicians John Handy and Terry Gibbs.

Vatcher was active in many groups like Tristan Honsinger's Sextet, the

Maarten Altena Ensemble, The Ex, Roof (with Phil Milton, Tom Cora, and

Luc Ex), Available Jelly, and in a trio with  Michiel Braaam  and Wilbert de

Joode. He also actively performed alongside Van Dyke Parks, John

Zorn, Simon Nabatov, Georg Gräwe, Hans Lüdemann, and Ernst

Reijseger. In 2012 worked with Magnus Broo, Ken Vandermark, and Steve

Swell. Vatcher also worked as a "sideman" on about 50 albums.

Vatcher also worked regularly as an accompanist for the School for New

Dance Development in Amsterdam and has collaborations with dancers

Katie Duck and Eileen Standle. A few favorites from Vatcher’s discography

include a number of recordings led by Michael Moore as well as Tristan

Honsinger ‘s“Picnic,” John Zorn’s epic “Spy vs Spy”, Tom Cora ‘s “Roof,”

the Seteve Swell Trio’s “Brain in a Dish” and many other renowned